The train — NMBS (Belgian Railway Company)

In the summer of 2015, I started working on the new identity for the NMBS — the Belgian Railway Company. At that moment, it was a real hatebrand, they lost connection with a lot of their clients.

Changing the brand name by simply calling it 'the train' seemed very logic. And a graphic identity that has that same simplicity to it, looks colorful and feels positive, makes it easier to talk to travellers in a friendly way. Everything is tied together with a baseline without words: it should be about doing things instead of talking about doing things. Take for example.

This big project was a lot of fun doing and it has been wonderful working in collaboration with Lotte Neirynck and FAMOUSGREY.

NMBS Client ︎ FAMOUSGREY Agency ︎ Fred Lateur Design Direction & Art Direction ︎ Lotte Neirynck Design ︎ Kristof Luyckx Illustration

︎ mid 2015 ︎ end of 2017

The train — NMBS (Belgian Railway Company)
︎ mid 2015, onwards